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Living in Ireland

Peninsula of Howth is amazing

Many tourist booklets about Ireland, they primarily show the brightest and unusual places, such as Cliffs of Moher. But Ireland has its own unmistakable face even without those places. Each small piece of this island is original but perfectly works with the general image of the country’s nature.

Those thought were in our mind while visiting the peninsula of Howth which is situated in the Northern suburb of Dublin. The reason of the visit was rather banal, we decided to feed sea seals and enjoy views of the peninsula.

A short excursus. The district of Howth is one of rich districts of Dublin. It is not usual as since the time of Britain rule, informally, Dublin was divided into two parts, the northern and southern parts with border along the river Liffey in the city centre of Dublin. The southern part with districts Dalki, Dun Laoghaire and Black Rock was more prestigious as there Britain noblemen, officials and rich Irish people lived. And in the northern part of Dublin lived simple Irish people.

That is why the fact itself that Howth, being situated in the North of Dublin, has won the privilege to be a prestigious district, speaks volumes. And people who lived there, such as one of the founders of the group U2, Larry Mullen, a famous actor, Stuart Townsend, who acted the part of a vampire in the movie “The Vampire Lestrat”, a repeated winner of Eurovision, Johnny Logan, are a the bright proof of it. I should also mention our esteemed writer-esoteric, Lobsang Rampa, who lived in Howth too.

harbour of Howth

And now let us talk about the peninsula of Howth itself. Its peculiarity is the fact that the neck of land which unites it with the main island is rather narrow and the peninsula itself stands out into the sea very far. Having a halfdestroyed mountain as its basement, the peninsula of Howth overlooks kinglike the whole coast and is seen from each point of the coastline of the Irish Sea and the Dublin bay.

Except a small bay, all the coastline of Howth is very rugged and represents a cliffy succession of small bays, grots and beaches. You can just imagine the views which open to our eyes from the most part of the peninsula. And a tourists pathway running along the edge of the cliffy coast, allows to enjoy the whole beauty of the sea, cliffs, Dublin bay and the island of the “Irish Eye”.

cliffs of Howth

Between the eastern and the western docks of Howth, there is a small but very picturesque harbour with quay for yachts and pier for small fishing boats. By the way, on the western dock, in the district where fish storage is situated, there is a place where each day sea seals come and people come to feed them. Besides the sea beauties, Howth has another wonderful place which we shall tell you about in our next post. It is an ancient Howth Castle and its suburbs.

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