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Festival of Harley Davidson lovers

We used to think that summer festivals are good only for lovers of gardening or maritime fun. But having visited the festival of Harley Davidson lovers in the district of Killarney, we realised that had been mistaken. See for yourself the joy from riding a motorbike when it is cold and especially raining. Me, myself, many years ago, had such experience and the memory of it has remained in my mind ever since. I will never forget all that “charm” of riding a motorbike in rainy weather.

the festival of harley davidson lovers

Of course, there are fans, for whom riding a motorbike and all relating to this, is not only a real joy, but also their lifestyle. Well, such fans gathered for their annual meeting in Killarney. They were nothing less than about 7.5 thousand people.

the festival of harley davidson lovers

The festival of Harley Davidson’s lovers started the first Friday of June and lasted three days. One of the days was devoted to motor race round one of the most beautiful places of Ireland – Ring of Kerry with visiting Dinngle Penisula.

the festival of harley davidson lovers

The Saturday’s program of the festival included a concert of the group Status Quo. So not only owners of “iron horses” but also all sympathizers could have fun in the festival of Harley Davidson.

If you are interested in this topic, I think, that you will enjoy the pictures which you can find in our photo gallery.

In 2012, the festival of Harley Davidson lover’s (‘Bikefest’), will also be held in Killarney. This small town plans to get at least 700 participants from the 1st to 4th of June. A large musical performance is promised to be held in the day and night. To bad we aren’t "bikers".

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