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Living in Ireland

Guinness and the old Jameson Distillery

A very interesting aspect of life in Ireland is people’s attitude towards alcohol. We will discuss drink culture later, but now, I would like to share with you my impressions about alcohol production traditions in Ireland. The fact, that production of beer Guinness and whisky Jameson started more than 200 years ago, talks about various things.

museum of the old Jameson Distillery

First, about solicitous attitude and building the traditions of many generations of Irish, second, about constant demand for these drinks and third, about high quality of these products. You should admit that it is always difficult to be the first when many countries are manufacturing the same products.

All these thought were inspired by my recent visit of Guinness brew-house and the old Jameson Distillery. But I think that laymen are firstly interested in hearing impressions from these visits.

museum of the old Jameson distillery

Guinness Storehouse and the old Jameson Distillery are in the very center of Dublin a twenty-minute walk away from each other, on both banks of the river. The completely differ from each other. Guinness Storehouse is an old seven-storey building constructed at the beginning of the last century; six floors are full of multimedia effects. This equipment allows retracing the story of Guinness manufacturing. It is also possible to look at the main beer ingredients – barley and hops, and even touch them.

On one of the floors, you will be offered to taste Guinness and on the second last storey, you will be able to fill your glasses with different kinds of beer, such as Guinness Draught, Guinness Extra Stout, or Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. Considering the fact that I am not such a great beer lover, I liked most of the entire seventh floor where there is a unique bar with wonderful panoramic view of Dublin, where you will be offered to have a pint of Guinness.

the panoramic view from a bar in the Guinness storehouse

One of disappointing moments is only that you can't see the brewing process for real.

Though the old Jameson Distillery cannot boast of the same scale of manufacture, nevertheless I liked it there more. First, the excursion was more compact, with a guide, and at a specified time. Second, the company history and the producing process are shown on functional mock-ups and in panoramic rooms.

And what is more important, more subjective, some of the group are offered to test and compare three kinds of whisky from different countries and get a certificate of a whisky tester, the rest are proposed alcohol cocktails. Which is better, it is for everyone to decide.

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