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The Irish Police Museum

In one of our latest posts we told you about our casual “finding” of the Irish police museum, Garda. Today we decided to tell a little bit about this museum and history of this above-mentioned law-enforcement authority.

This story originates in 1922 when the Secretary of the British Government, Robert Peel, decreed to establish police of Ireland. It was decided to organize the police according to the military style including military training, monetary allowance and uniform. By the way, the Irish police uniform was the first to be introduced in Europe.

exhibits of garda museum

Officers got housing right in the police offices where their housing was regulated with special rules including ban of alcohol and gambling games. Permission of the front office was needed even to get married.

One hundred years later, after getting independence of Ireland in 1922; the Irish police got its modern name “An Garda Siochana”, what means “Guards of peace”.

exhibition of garda museum in dublin

The story about work of modern “Garda” will be in our next posts, but now, briefly, we are going to tell you about the museum itself. As we have already said, the museum of Garda is situated on three floors of the only preserved “Record Tower” of the Dublin Castle.

There are quite many showpieces in the museum and they are composed in a way allowing tracing the forming and development of “Garda”. Especially, there are many mannequins robed in uniform of Garda of the ХХ century including jackets of the highest officials. There’s no uniform of the Irish Police of the XIX century survived.

exhibition of garda museum in dublin

Under the glass of the museum shelves, there are insignias of distinction, household effects, awards and even armoury of “Garda” officers. The history of “Garda” which is presented in photographs and engravings is especially interesting. They help to trace almost the whole 190 years-long way of the Irish Police “Garda’.

Let us remind you that it is possible to visit the museum individually and free of charge. And it can be combined with the visit of the Dublin Castle.

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