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Education in Ireland, Part 3 Post Leaving Certificate Courses.

We have already written a post on Secondary education in Ireland, but decided that it would be better to describe the Post Leaving Certificate Courses available in Ireland, before going onto Higher Level education. We already mentioned them in our earlier posts, when we talked about secondary education in Ireland, but to describe how they work we need a bit more time.

I our first post on education in Ireland, we talked about the three levels of the educational system in Ireland, but actually Post Leaving Certificate Colleges or Colleges of Further Education aren’t part of this system, even though they last for about 1-2 years. This is a bit strange since the courses aren’t only recognised but the Department of Education, but also match the criteria needed to get the FETAC Certificate. This certificate is recognised in all of Europe.

Post Leaving Certificate Colleges are somewhere in between the second and third levels of the Irish educational system. The role of these courses is hard to describe. They were thought up in 1985 and they act as a bridge that connects a student’s school life with the future job that the students will have decided to take.

Found in colleges, educational centres and schools, Post Leaving Certificate colleges give the education, skills and work experience necessary for the future job of their graduates. It’s great to know that some colleges have the ability to (for two or three weeks) send their students on a practical trip outside of Ireland, at the colleges own expense. For example, I myself have done these courses and spent three weeks on work experience in Hungry!

For example, we can give you a list of occupations that you can take a course on in Post Leaving Certificate courses:

Marino College of Further Education

-Tourism and Restaurant Business;

- Business and Administration;

- Information Technology;

- Art and design;

- Television and other forms off mass information;

- Theatre and stage arts;

- Sport and coaching;

- Foreign languages;

- Landscaping

These occupations are by far not the only ones you can get by completing Post Leaving Certificate Colleges! So are there other things about these colleges that both Irish people and people from abroad, can enjoy?!

Well for Irish people, these courses are an opportunity to get a job that they really like, without getting lots of points in their leaving certificate. Also, for those people that haven’t finished secondary school, there are special courses, lasting about one year (possibly two), that give them the knowledge and ability to take a variety of leaving certificate exams. The results of these exams will determine what College or University they can go to.

Killester College of Further Education

Yet another reason why Post Leaving Certificate Colleges are so important is that many of the occupations you study in these courses, you can continue studying in Higher level Colleges.

People from outside of Ireland can also do these courses as long as they have a year-long Irish visa. For people living far away this is a chance to get an Education in Ireland and possibly further their education. We personally know a couple examples of this. You do not need any certificates proving that you know English to be able to do these courses. You only need to know the English language 60 – 70%.

In conclusion we would like to note that Post Leaving Certificate Colleges are not only courses you can take between Secondary school and College, but are a vital part in getting a job and receiving Higher education.

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