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The ‘Funtasia’ Water Park in Drogheda isn’t your average Water Park

The entire earth revolves around women, children and money. This is why we are coming back to the post on what children can do in Ireland for entertainment. Summer 2011 in Ireland isn’t that great and in fact, in Ireland, August is actually the first month of Autumn. So we decided top visit ‘Water Park Funtasia’ in Drogheda.

Firstly we would like to note that the location of the water park was quite unclear. But it is possible that the route given to us by our GPS wasn’t exactly correct. The official ‘Funtasia’ website says you should go onto the Donore Exit; continue down Donore Road until the ‘Lidl’ supermarket, then turn right and then finally turn left on the first left turn where you will find Funtasia Water Park.

Main building of water park Funtasia

On first glance Funtasia Water Park didn’t really impress us. I think this is connected to the fact that the aqua parks in warmer countries are larger. The interior of Funtasia Water Park amazed is because it looked more like the arcade in Leisure Plex than the interior of a water park. We shall talk about the attractions available there a bit later in this post.

The hall was so crowded that it took us a while to find the entrance to the water park itself. And the fact that the name of the water park was no longer Funtasia but Pirates Cove Water Fun didn’t help. We don’t know if 2,787sq meters is big or small for an indoor water park but I think that they managed to save money on the dressing rooms.

Hall of Water Park

It made me remember the Russian joke of ‘the sauna with the changing room outside!’ I say this because there weren’t the usual separate men’s or women’s changing rooms, but just a small locker area, a general shower area with separate showers and cabins for changing. So you had to get undressed and dressed in one place, shower in another and leave your clothes somewhere else. In and average swimming pool all this is taken care of faster and more effectively.

Now for some positive sides. It was easy for adults and children alike to get their daily intake of adrenalin by going onto one of the two big rides. There were also a bunch of rides of different sizes so that people of all ages could enjoy them. Since the water was warm and came out fast and in large quantities parents had a hard time trying to get their children out.

Entrance to to the Pirates Cove on Water Park

But for parents that are not in the right condition or just want to relax, there isn’t much you can do apart from lying in a Jacuzzi. We think that most of the parents there would rather to go to a sauna, swim in a pool or at least get a water massage.

So those that didn’t want to go into the pool had to watch over their children from special areas. But luckily there was one other attraction for parents. It is the quite famous ‘fish massage’.

Ultimate Sky Climb on Water Park

But let’s move away from the water park itself and focus a bit more on the hall of the Funtasia complex. You will be amazed by how much the number of ‘land based’ entertainment exceeds the number of ‘water based’ entertainment. This included a casino, billiard, Simulators, Crazy Golf, Egyptian Themed Bowling Lanes, Climbing Wall, Atlantis Cove, Ultimate Sky Climb, Rock and Roller Disco and Arcade games. There was also a fast food restaurant and places to hold children’s parties.

Maybe mixing a games room with a water park was profitable but because of this Water Park Funtasia lacked luxury. After our trip we wanted to visit the National Aquatic Centre in Blanchardstown to compare the two water parks. .

Advertising of Water Park

Keeping in mind how great this water park is entertainment wise we cannot wait to visit the Funtasia located in Bettystown, which we hope will happen soon.

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Funtasia waterpark

Stay away from Funtasia Bettystown!  You'll be shocked never mind disappointed! How did you find the Blanchardstown centre?


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