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Pre-University Preparation for Non-English Speakers in Dublin

Recently we told you about how someone not native to Ireland can enter and study in an Irish university. In that post, in addition to general recommendations, we talked about the enrolment of foreign students to Trinity College Dublin. Today, our post is going to cover the enrolment of foreign students to the second most prestigious university in Dublin - University College Dublin (UCD).

Dublin, the enrolment of foreign students to UCD is done through a special preparatory centre for the future students. Incidentally, the average percentage of people who get into UCD through this centre is 94%. It does, however, cost around 17,000 Euros.>

Yearly training in this centre focuses on two main areas. The first area focuses business, economics and all of the social sciences, while the second area focuses on science, technology, medicine and biology.


The second area is generally considered to be the more advanced training option, since it includes a wider variety of modules to choose from in most of its subjects and therefore, give a wider selection of professions to choose from when you graduate.

For example, let’s say you chose the biology and chemistry module. This module has the following subjects: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, General Biology, English Skills for University Study, two blocks of Mathematics, Environmental Protection studies, and other similar items. Accordingly, with this large selection of subjects, there will be more diplomas for you to choose from when you graduate, regardless if you choose to stay in the university for three or four years.

Naturally, such serious study needs to have a certain foundation of English on which to be based on. An IELTS score of 5.0 is required for such study in UCD. If you have an IELTS score of 4.0, then you will need to spend an extra semester in the preparatory centre for future students, adding up to a total of four semesters and pay 5,140 Euro more.

Granted, this preparatory centre is only available to people aged 17 years and over.

University College Dublin

Now, let’s talk a bit about what goes on in these preparatory centres. For example, when you choose your first field of study, you will need to select four of the following six modules; introduction to business information systems, Accounting and Finance, the Principles of Economics, Computer Technology, Mathematics, and the history and urban design of Dublin. In addition to these modules, English Skills for University Study, the Principles of Economics (if it is not included as one of your selected modules) and a writing project are compulsory.

After a successful completion of this preparatory year, you have to decide for yourself how many years you want to study at the university, three or four. After three years of training you can usually get a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce with a basis of accounting (either Marketing, Management Information Systems or Banking and Finance), or a degree in the Social Sciences with knowledge of Economy, Informational Systems, Politics, Sociology and Archaeology.

UCD in Dublin

After four years of training, there is a chance to get a Masters Degree in Law, Jurisprudence and Business.

Of course, in a short post such as this it is not possible to discuss all the possible options of study in UCD. Our task is to show you that if you have the desire, the required finances and the required level of English, in just one year you can not only realise your dreams of studying in UCD but also determine the profession you would like to have when you graduate from UCD, and what subjects you need to take to make this a reality.

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