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Living in Ireland

Festival of Russian Culture in Dublin

Generally, in Ireland, transition from winter to spring is almost imperceptible, but this winter was really cold and snowy.

As soon as a real winter came to Ireland, here appeared possibility to perform a great winter farewell ceremony. And who else but Russian to do it. Every year, they are looking forward to spring after winter frosts and have a centuries-old tradition of this celebration.

Of course, it’s just a coincidence, but the first winter farewell ceremony in Ireland was held after a really cold winter, but who knows what climate changes hold for us. Indeed, the first Irishmen, who decided to celebrate the St. Patrick's Day in Moscow in 1992, did not know that the festival would be adopted in Moscow to such extend. In any case, all Eastern Europe immigrants who are residents of Ireland, were very happy to plunge into atmosphere of Russian song and dance and enjoy traditional national food at the celebration “Russian winter farewell” on “Temple Bar” in Dublin.

russian culture in ireland

Everybody was pleasantly surprised when the Lord-Mayor of Dublin, Emer Castello, personally opened the ceremony. I think that it is an important sign of vivid interest to Russian culture and respect to all Russian speaking people in this country. The only thing that was a little bit disappointing was the place to hold the ceremony, which seemed to be chosen not right.

First, Meeting House Square, where the main events were held, is situated in the middle of old part of the city “Temple Bar”, that means the place is not a live one. Second, the square itself is rather small for such quantity of people, who visited the festival. Additionally, there almost was no place to sit and enjoy Russian dainties. But all this was prettified by various and fun program, in which artists from Moscow and international local collectives took part.

festival of russian culture

It is worth to mention that the holiday was a part of Russian culture in Ireland festival and was sponsored by Dublin City Council.

Moreover, at these February days, the Russian season of International Dublin film festival took place and was a success. There were nine Russian films presented. Unfortunately, we were able to enjoy only one of them.

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Russian Festival

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