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Living in Ireland

Ferries to Ireland

We have already forgotten a bit that Ireland is an island. But when we remembered, we decided to write this post for those who are thinking to go to the “emerald island” by car. Firstly, we want to cheer up all lovers of such travelling, as to get Ireland by ferry is as easy as by plane. And possible delays with sailing off, just like in the case of planes, are related to meteorological conditions.

stena line ferries

When we wrote about the weather in Ireland, we told our readers about the strong winds in winter, especially in January and February. These strong, sometimes stormy winds are very dangerous for ferries. And if you’re unlucky to try to get ferry right in such weather, you will have to wait until the weather gets better. And even sailing off is in time, the ferry movement can considerably spoil your feeling. When the weather is good, travelling to Ireland by ferry will bring you only pleasant memories.

irish ferries

Think for yourself, the two main companies performing transportation on sea, Irish Ferries and Stena Line, have the most modern and swift-sailing ferries. For example, the rapid ferry “Jonathan Swift” can take you and your car from the Holyhead port (Great Britain) to Dublin in one hour and 49 minutes. That’s almost 80 kilometres per hour (39 knots per hour)! A usual ferry “Ulysses” covers this distance in 4 hours. It is natural that these ferries have all necessary conveniences, from cabins to restaurants, where you can forget that you are sailing on a sea-craft.

dun laoghire port

The ferry travel from France to Ireland will be a bit longer. So the ferry “Oscar Wilde” travels from Cherbourg (France) to the Rosslare port (Ireland) for about 18 hours. It is necessary to list the main international ports in the Republic of Ireland. These are Dublin Port, Dun Laoghaire, Rosslare Harbour and Cork. You can get the territory of Northern Ireland by ferry through the ports Belfast and Larne.

A short comment about comfort in Dublin ports. The Dublin port is the main cargo side port. Therefore, very often it is not easy to find a place for sailing off. We even won’t mention the lack of public transport nearby the ferry terminal. That is the case if you decide to get to Ireland by ferry without your own car.

entrance to dun laoghaire ferry terminal

The situation with Dun Laoghaire Ferry Terminal is rather different. Firstly, Dun Laoghaire is a wonder itself. Secondly, Dun Laoghiare Ferry Terminal, being situated in the very centre of the same-named district, is closely connected with bus and railway lines and that allows to continue the trip without delay.

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