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Studying English Online

In our earlier posts on this blog, we introduced you to the Irish education system, and now we want to give you the opportunity to learn about a new way of learning English. This form of study will help to eliminate the difficulties encountered when trying to learn a foreign language, where it’s not possible for your teacher to be a native speaker.

We would like to offer you the option of online education via Skype. What is the advantage of this type of education, you may ask? The main advantage of online education is that you can be taught lessons by certified teachers (who will most likely be native speakers), at a relatively low cost and from your very own home.

These advantages will be fully appreciated by those who took private English lessons from a tutor (and paid a large sum of money for it), but upon arrival to an English-speaking country, where not only not unable to keep a conversation going, but unable to even understand what was being said.

After this kind of experience many people then begin to realize that to know the grammar of a language is one thing, but to "hear" the language and be able to apply the grammar when speaking, is quite different. Usually, this is not your fault, but the fault of the teacher, who was unable to teach you this. Indeed, sometimes even a person who "successfully" taught a foreign language back home faces difficulties when trying to talk to true native speakers of that language.

In this case, online education attracts teachers who not only are native speakers, but who also have experience teaching a foreign language to non-native speakers. These teachers generally come from Britain, Canada and America. That’s not surprising, considering this online service was founded in America.

In addition, the classes are conducted through various courses, ranging from children’s to professional training, and there are several levels of each course. Upon the completion of a course, a student is assessed on his/her proficiency in English. He/she then obtains a certificate corresponding to their score.

But wait! There’s more good news. The cost of these lessons is relatively low, especially if you do not want to study ‘one-on-one’ with a teacher, but in a group of 3 - 6 people. For example, studying in a group of 5 people will only cost €5 per hour per student. Studying in a group of two, however, will cost €12.5 per lesson from each student.

But it doesn’t matter whether you study alone or in a group, the result is easily predicted. Even entering with zero knowledge of the English language, you can reach a conversational level of English in about 3-4 months.

The advantages of online education also include a flexible class schedule, where a student personally gets to make his own timetable. After graduation you will have an opportunity to test the skills you have gained through the TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge ESOL systems.

All of the above is possible with online education. Also, this centre helps adult students find work experience in the United States or Canada, helping them with things like getting a visa. And we personally invite you to visit Ireland in order to test what you have learned, or even to further your knowledge of English in Irish language centres and English-speaking schools.

For more information on where to find this type of online education, you can contact us via the inquiry form on the blog or through the e-mail comsnab@yahoo.co.uk

Our assistance to you in this matter is completely free!

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