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Living in Ireland

Sight seeing in the Eastern Coast of Ireland

Every person who goes to Ireland asks the question, “What is there interesting to see in Ireland and what places of interest I can visit?!” Keeping in mind such questions we decided to gradually systematize all possible places of interest.

The first region chosen by us will be the Eastern coast of Ireland. There are good reasons to start the trip around the sights of the region with the town of Carlingford and the same-name lake situated on the border with the Northern Ireland. The trip to this place will not take long, something like one or one and a half hour along the Dublin-Belfast highway.

view of Carlingford

The nature of Carlingford astonishes with its calmness and some phenomenal and soft charm. Visible landscapes are just created for filming and came to us from a canvas of great painters. It will be difficult to leave this place for you, but many others not less interesting places will wait for you further.

So, quite near Carlingfort and the town of Dundalk, there’s a very interesting place “The Magic Hill”. We shall tell about peculiarities of this place in our next posts, but now we shall continue our travelling along the Eastern coast of Irish Sea in the direction of Dublin.

the Adgillan Castle

Our next stop will be a small town of Balbriggan where in its suburbs the Adgillan Castle is situated. Views there are just fascinating and quickening to the imagination. By the way, the castle itself is open for visits.

Then on our way we mostly follow the coast which reaches the wonderful beaches of Donabeth where you, at last, in summer time, will be able to sunbathe and visit the former country estate of the Archbishop of Dublin (Newbridge House) with a large still functioning farm.


Some more kilometres of the trip and now you are in Malahide. Malahide is a very interesting small town on the Eastern coast of Ireland where our goal is visiting of the Malahide Castle. After visiting the castle you will have a great opportunity to walk along the shore of the Irish Sea up to Portmanock for about 3-5 kilometres.

Howth Castle

And now we have left the last large and important stop – the peninsula of Howth. Here it is also preferable to have a walk along the cliffed coast of the peninsula with visit of the Howth Castle’s suburbs and the same-name bay.

At the end of this one-day trip along the Eastern coast of Ireland you will have opportunity to come round to the Bull island from where there are beautiful views on the Dublin Port, Dublin Bay, lighthouses and whole coastal Dublin.

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Those photos look great i would love to see those beautiful views in real, maybe this summer i will go there.

to toprice

You are wellcome. You should truly visit Ireland!


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