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Living in Ireland

Northern Ireland - Dunluce Castle

Today we would like to tell about our short trip to Northern Ireland, Ulster province. Though Ulster province belongs to the Great Britain, the Ireland island ranks as a one common travel area that allows all islands residents to travel easily round the whole island regardless their state affiliation.

We would like to note at once that our journey goal was visiting a place which is under protection of UNESCO, and which is called “The Giant’s Causeway”. But having arrived to the place we realised that our trip would go the extra mile from visiting only this sight. Indeed, as Irish guide-books say, Country Londonderry and Country Antrim coasts of the Northern Ireland are classified as one of the most interesting global coastlines. And we have assured ourselves that it is quite true.

north ireland dunluce castle

We stayed in a small but cosy hotel in the town of Portrush and after making a light meal, immediately, we set forth to view the Dunluce Castle, which is located at a distance of 5 kilometres from Portruch. Being a majestic castle of XVI-ХVII some time ago, now only ruins left. But even that what survived is very impressing. There’s no wonder that at its spacious times the castle seemed to be the embodiment of adamant power and until firearm had been invented, it was a secure stronghold.

north ireland dunluce castle

Strength of the castle is conditioned by its location. Indeed the castle is situated on a 30-meter rock basement of black basalt protuberating into the sea. Right under the castle there is a cave with entrance leading to the sea for the event when hosts would need to escape from the castle into their patrimony in Scotland. Historians consider a Scotland clan MacDonnell to be landlords of Dunluce Castle as they had owned several islands which are not far from Scotland. Bu the way, Scotland is at a distance of a few score of kilometres from the castle.

One of the tragic pages of the castle history is an evening in 1639 when during a gala dinner a part of lower kitchen court fell down into the sea. A part of the broken wall is seen up to the present day as a reminder about those tragic days.

the sandy coast of the atlantic ocean

Having examined the castle we took the western direction where the Atlantic Ocean does not crash into high rocks, but spreads its mighty waves onto the sand coast of the town of Portstewart. In the rays of crimson sunset the cast became crimson too and looked like a coast of an unknown planet. We walked several kilometres, enjoyed views of the coast and get back to Portrush where a good knife and fork in a near shore restaurant played and looked forward to coming a new day.

Continueation on Giant's Causeway.

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