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Things to do in Dublin for kids, part 2

In our last post "Things to do in Dublin for kids", we talked about good places for that. Also, if visiting Dublin from the 16th to 19th of July children might also enjoy the World Championship of Street performers. Another great event to visit is the Festival of World Cultures. It will be held in July 2011, in Dun Laoghaire. The program will have a large variety for children like traditional combat sports and international cuisine.

Also an option is going to a playground in a park. For example if you’re visiting Ardgillan Castle or Malahide Castle you can also visit the playgrounds that are located there, where your children can play and socialise with other children.

playground of Ardgillan Castle

If the weather doesn’t allow your children to play outside, then it’s time to seek out a place for entertainment indoors. One such place is the Dublin Children’s Museum - Imaginosity, for children aged under nine.

If you want to visit a place with no age restrictions, then you can go to the Aquarium “Sea Life” in Bray. Also on option are most museums in Dublin. All national museums are free, but the Wax museum and Leprechaun museum aren’t. We will be happy if your child like this museum, because when we went, our children didn’t find it particularly interesting, us more so.

There is one "sweet" museum in Dublin. It's the museum of Butlers Chocolate. It is located in Clonsaugh, which is in the area of Coolock.

wax museum for children

Most children like to spend their time being active, so here are some places for such children. In Drogheda, there is a great aquapark "Funtasia" where, for a fair price, children and adults can have fun on slides and pools.

circus for children

And finally there is the indoor activity centre called Leisure Plex. In here there is a variety of room with activities for children of all ages. For the young around Ireland there’s a large area with children friendly activity’s, most of which are sport based. For older children there’s bowling, a shooting arena, arcade games and sometimes even an ice-rink.

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