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Living in Ireland

Things to do in Dublin for Kids

Sometimes travelling with children around Ireland, might bring stress and worrying instead of happiness, since children and adults have different intentions. Today in our post we will list the places that will keep both children and adults content. We tried to make a list that would suit both adults and children. We will start with the places that are best to visit from Spring to Autumn.

Deer is in Phonex Park

One of the best places to go with your kids is Dublin Zoo. You can spend a whole day looking through it and you wouldn’t even notice. Its amazing natural atmosphere will make you forget problems and believe that life is wonderful.

Out of all those who visit Newbridge House and Demesne only a handful won’t be amazed by it. Newbridge Demesne is located in Donabet and used to be the place of residence of Archbishop of Dublin, where there is a large farm. In our modern world most children don’t have much contact with these animals. Also there’s a playground and picnic area there.

Skerries Mill

Not far from Newbridge Demesne, in a place called Skerries, where there’s a museum of mills. It’s interesting because on its territory there are three mills. One of them from the XVI century is powered by water. The other two are powered by wind. The water mill is in working condition and children can safely have a look at how flower is made. Also in Skerries you can visit the beautiful beaches and the children’s playground beside the sea.

If you’re looking for something that concerns the natural world, the best place to go is the National Botanic Gardens of Dublin. We hope that the children will be especially interested in the area that grows vegetables and fruits that children find on their dinner plates.

the Dublin festival of puppets

In the summer months Dublin holds a couple of festivals that can be of interest for children. From the 19th t to 25th of April 2011 they hold the Dublin festival of puppets and from the 21st to 30th of October the International puppet festival.

To be continued in 'Dublin for Kids'...

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