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Dublin Docklands

As we promised, today, we present a short story about the Dublin Docklands. It is a new modern district, which is situated on both banks of the Liffey River where it goes into the sea, just at a distance of two kilometres from the very centre of Dublin.

It is very symbolic that the modern district of Dublin Docklands also covers a place on the Liffey River from where during many decades and even centenaries, ships were taking Irish immigrants for search of better life. In memory of that time on the left bank of the river of Liffey, the Famine Ship Museum is moored forever and a sculpture composition on this theme is built.

the Dublin Docklands Convention Centre

The whole district of Dublin Docklands embodies New Ireland, the dream of those Irish people who had to leave Ireland. Almost in front of the Famine Ship Museum there is one of universities of Dublin-National College of Ireland. And since the very beginning of its construction there was started renewal the whole district of Dublin Docklands.

Further, closer to the sea, on a bank of the river of Liffey, there is one of the masterpieces of architecture of the Dublin Docklands – the new conference Centre. In our photo you can see this glassed building which shape reminds a bent glass. And although the Convention Centre was opened only one month ago, it has already got the name “pint” from Dublin people.

the Dublin Wheel

In order to connect the left bank district of Dublin Docklands with the rest of the city, they built a new light rail system Luas. The end point of it is the stop “the Point” near with there is a recently built a “the Dublin Wheel” and a concert hall “The O2” with just great acoustics for live music.

The part of the Docklands district which is situated on the right bank of the Liffey River is also rich with modern architecture with Grand Canal Theatre and the similarly named Grand Canal Square. Despite the unusual shape of the theatre building and due to similarity of architectural styles of administrative buildings and apartments near it, the theatre fits well into the general image of the Dublin Docklands.

Samuel Becket bridge

The right and the left banks of the district are interconnected by an original bridge named after Samuel Becket built in 2009. it is original not only by its shape reminding the national symbol of Ireland – harp – but also by its ability to change position depending on need of ships to pass.

Peculiarities of the district are two Dublin attractions. It is a “Sea Safari” and ride along the river of Liffey on a river craft-“Liffey River Cruises”.

As a conclusion we would like to note that the Dublin Docklands is not only embodiment of new Dublin, but also a business and cultural centre of Dublin and Ireland.

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i had never seen the docklands in dublin. very nice pics. regards from spain.

to Nico

Thanks for the comment, Nico! Welcome to Dublin!


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