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Dublin Attractions

In today’s post we will continue to talk about different places to visit in Dublin and we will talking about attractions in Dublin. Firstly, we will finish with talking about Dublin museums. The only cultural museums in Dublin that we haven’t mentioned are the Kilmainham Gaol prison-museum and the Irish museum of Modern Art. But truthfully, after we visited the Kilmainham prison-museum we were left with a deep sadness. It was as if this place preserved the feelings of those that felt pain there.

But we won’t talk about sad things today, instead we will tell you about some children’s museums found in Dublin. The first one that we will tell you about is the Toy Museum that used to be located near Malahide Castle, but has moved to a place unknown to us (so far).

The most important children’s museum in Dublin is ‘Imaginosity’. We will not waste time talking about it since we already have a post about this museum.

Museum of Modern Art

Another museum for children (and lovers of sweets), was opened only recently. It is The Museum of Chocolate, located in Butlers chocolate factory. You can find it between Coolock and Santry, in a place called Clonsaugh.

When talking about attractions you can find in Dublin it is impossible to not mention the ‘Sea Life’ Centre in Bray. In this place you can fuse together a relaxing stroll along the beach and an educational excursion in an aquarium.

You can also count the well know Trinity College as a monument of Dublin. There is no entrance fee to go into it; however there is an entrance fee for the library-museum inside Trinity College. If you are attracted to these kinds of places then don’t miss a chance to see this interesting complex.

Apart from the library in Trinity College there are also two other old libraries in Ireland. You can find one of them you can find on the territory of Dublin Castle. This place is called the Chester Beatty Library and was founded by the well known collector; Alfred Chester Beatty. This place has lots of forms of Southern art and sometimes this library holds showcases with the same theme.

Trinity College Dublin

Another famous library is ‘Marsh’s Library’. Since it was built in 1707 it is regarded as one of the oldest libraries in Ireland. It is found quite near to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It was restored thanks to the efforts of Sir Arthur Guinness, whom we talked about in our earlier posts. This library holds a large collection of books on science, in different languages, including Russian and Arabic. Some books there are very rare.

You can also add two of the oldest and most famous cathedrals in Ireland to the list of most famous monuments in Dublin. One of them is Christ Church Cathedral, which is a Protestant church and the other is St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which is a Catholic church.

Marsh's Library

The Irish Parliament (Leinster House), which was built in 1744 also counts as an important Irish monument. On special days volunteers can view a Parlament meeting in real time. You can only find out more and get the opportunity to visit the Parliament in the Natural History Museum, located nearby.

Almost in the centre of Dublin you can find one the oldest areas in Dublin, Temple Bar. In 1999 this area was restored by people trying to restore the image of the old city.

Temple Bar in Dublin

Now this area is full of tourists who are attracted by the party-like atmosphere that you can find here at any time of year, whether it is day or night.

We could of course continue talking about attractions that you can find in Dublin but we decided to leave this topic for a while and let what we write next be a surprise, which is great if you are a person that enjoys them. But we will begin planning our next post on ‘what to do in Dublin.’

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