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Living in Ireland

Dublin – Ireland’s Capital City

Dublin, Ireland’s capital is regarded one of the most unusual cities in Europe. In today’s post, we will not talk about Dublin’s chronological history but about its peculiarity and interesting life style.

Any city, Dublin included, has that something special that makes it different from other cities. Even though Dublin was ruled by the United Kingdom for some hundred years, it still managed to not only hold onto it individuality, but also develop characteristics that set it apart from any British city of the same size.

If, for example, we were some how transported to a British city of the same size as Dublin, we will probably be able to accurately determine that we are in a British city and not in Dublin. Even though everything might appear the same. The same left sided driving, the same architectural concept in the neighbourhoods and the same double - decker busses on the roads.

On the streets of Dublin

But you will plainly notice that this isn’t Dublin. Perhaps the most interesting change is that only in Ireland can you find that unmistakeable Irish vibe radiating through the air. We would describe that vibe of something of a friendly feel but with a hint of something that is close to nature.

This vibe brings the story of when Christianity was introduced to Ireland to mind, when the process happed in union with the pagans and druids who were very close to nature. Speaking of how Irish people are close to nature we are not only talking about the large beautiful parks located here for example Phoenix Park or Dublin Zoo, but about all the parks, big or small, front lawns and hedges made from flowers that you can find all over Dublin.

You can also find places and events connected to animals. Even in small little Dublin, where the population is under a million and that’s counting its suburbs, has two dog racing courses and one horse race course. Things like that all add up to the fact that there are almost no stray animals on the streets of Dublin.

St.Stephan's Green Park in Dublin

As we said earlier there are a lot of events involving animals in Ireland. Some of the most noticeable are the yearly pet exhibitions and different events involving show horses.

Returning to our earlier description of the unique Irish atmosphere in Dublin and its architecture, we would like to note that although there is a lack of skyscrapers and tall houses (although you can still find them here) in Dublin there is an abundance of large pedestrian roads here (for example Grafton Street) and beautiful parks (for example St. Stephan's Green) which make it look like a friendly and hospitable city.

There is absolutely no hint of lustre, bustle or arrogance in this city. Everything reeks of simplicity, with pubs that fit snugly together with their lively national music and heartfelt discussions. Even a foreigner, a complete stranger can have a conversation in a Dublin pub and it would feel to them as if they are a regular customer.

On th Grafton Street

If you decide to breath in some ocean air then venture to the coast of Dublin, where after just half an hour of travelling by bus from the centre Dublin to the Peninsulas’ of either Howth or Dalkey you find yourself surrounded by wilderness. You can even feed wild seals there. Also the fact that wild seals can be found in the area of Dublin isn’t unusual, in fact Dublin is the only European metropolis where salmon can be found in its rivers.

If you decide that you want to play golf in Dublin, well that’s also fairly easy. You can find a number of golf clubs in Clontarf but you can also find a golf club in St. Ann’s and the Dublin Royal Golf Club. All these golf clubs are located within a 20 minute drive from the centre of Dublin.

So now you can probably realise what kind of haste can be found in a city like this. So in Dublin don’t be afraid to stop pedestrians and ask for directions and anything else you want to know. They will not get mad; on the contrary, they will look as if they came out just to help lost pedestrians find the way.

Dun Laughare County Dublin

Although the Dublin City Council would like to be the first to answer your questions. Right now, on the active streets of Dublin city you can find special staff members of the Dublin City Council which have informational booklets and maps of Dublin. Helping guests of Dublin find their way around the city is the job of these people. You can notice these people by their uniform, which you won’t mistake for the uniform of any other Dublin services.

Since the size of this post doesn’t allow us to talk about Dublin’s monuments and sites we will leave that topic for our future posts.

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