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Living in Ireland

Dublin Zoo

If you’re in the bad mood, do you know where to go? To the zoo! I am completely serious. Outside you will be lost in the world of childhood and joy from touching to mystery of a wild animal’s life. And it will be better if you experience the touching in Dublin zoo, where at every step you will find content snouts of different animals. Though there’s one necessary condition and it is a good weather, when all inhabitants of the zoo are enjoying the sun and warmth and not sitting in their houses.

monkey in dublin zoo

According to one of the employees of the zoo life of animals in the Dublin zoo was not always like this. For example, he told us that the zoo reached such modern size not so long time ago.

There are Residence of the Irish President and Dublin Zoo on the ground of Phonex Park.

A special presidential authority on disposition of a part of the President lands which adjoin to the zoo was of great help in this problem.

By way of gratuity, employees of the zoo made a personal entrance for the President right from the territory of his Residence.

african savanna in dublin zoo

Over 180 year’s history of the Dublin zoo, there have been more difficult periods. For example, during the Revolution in Ireland some animals died by starvation.

Fortunately, all difficult moments in the life of Ireland and the Dublin Zoo are behind and now all comers can enjoy watching different animal species in their life environment. It is very interesting that in the territory of the Dublin zoo there are several parted animal areas. There are cat family including tigers, panthers, lions; swimming birds’ area and primates’ area on the island.

I was greatly attracted by African savanna area, which has been reconditioned recently and opened with the participation of the President. From the visitors ground there’s a beautiful view of a real savanna, where its inhabitants are kingly walking including my favorite giraffe. I always admire who they are groomed here, in the Dublin zoo. It seems that they are just washed and brushed

elefants in dublin zoo

A special charm to the zoo is given by presence of different animals born in the Dublin Zoo. Their birth is always covered by press; they hold competitive tenders for the selection of names for the new born cubs. People intentionally come to see the cubs not only from Dublin. Everybody remembers birth of tiger-cubs and their pretty photos in different newspapers.

It is not possible to tell everything, it has to be seen. I advice you to come earlier in order to have enough time to all, including delicious dinners at a cheap restaurant in the territory of the Dublin Zoo and buying animal-souvenirs for children in the special shop.

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