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Living in Ireland


Fire and water – they are the two always fascinating elements. I think that is why the culmination of well-being is considered to be a house with a fireplace and seascape. Dublin is not a very large city, but by virtue of enough long coast line suitable for building, there are several wonderful districts which match the above-mentioned criteria. Historically, the best places for living in Dublin are southern parts of the city such as Dun Laoghaire, Black Rock and Dalkey. But today, we shall confine ourselves to telling about only one of them – Dalkey.

dalkey is wonderful place beside dublin

Those who reside in Ireland and especially in Dublin, first of all, associate this district with residence of Bono, the vocalist of U2, the most popular Irish group. Of course, other celebrities of Ireland also reside in Dalkey, but Bono’s popularity heads all records. As for us, having visited Dalkey and dreamt about possibility to choose a place to live in Dublin, we agreed that we would prefer to live in Dun-Laoghaire or Malahide, rather than in Dalkey. But for sea life lovers it is the best place to live.

southern parts of the dublin

As it turned out, here, the coast waters of Irish Sea are inhabited by several kinds of dolphins and seals and it is quite possible to see them if desired. Grey seals are seen more often as they are fed in “Buloh” harbour every day.

To the cultural sites of Dalkey we can associate a museum-castle Dalkey Castle. At a moderate charge one can not only look around the castle, but also watch a theatrical performance telling about the time when the castle flourished. By the way, once there were seven castles here. For now, only three castles including the above-mentioned one and a round tower "Martello" which is seen to the naked eye from the shore left.

to the island of dankey beside dalkey

You can get the island of Dankey by a pleasure boat. Of course, it is only possible in good weather. When you get tired by sightseeing, you will be able to visit “The Druids Chair” pub which is situated in the suburbs of Dalkey, where you can be so lucky to run up against Bono, who can come here too.

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