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Living in Ireland

Daffodils Day in Ireland

We have already written how popular charity movement is in Ireland.

Now, We would like to tell you about the most noticeable charity action in Ireland. It is beautifully called “Daffodil’s Day . Daffodil is the most unpretentious spring flower in Ireland, which grows everywhere in abundance.

daffodils day in ireland

In March, all over the country, there are found volunteers to sell artificial daffodil flowers during the festival. There can be almost several thousands of people. In the second half of March, this year, on 26 March, selling of the flowers starts. The flowers are bought with special pins to fasten them on clothes. Every one considers his duty to make a contribution by buying daffodils. Then they pin the bought flowers to their clothes, in this way they show their implication to this charity action.

Money gained from selling of flowers is sent into the Fund against Cancer. Many people, who have possibility to contribute big amounts of money, transfer them into special bank accounts. This year, in spite of difficult economic situation, organizers are planning to gather 4 million Euro.

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