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Living in Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher are on one of the visiting cards of Ireland

Ireland is not a large country and it will take less than 4 hours to cross it from West to East. The time is more than enough to get “Cliffs of Moher”, one of “visiting card” of Ireland. We, who were born among forests and plains, can hardly imagine this natural miracle; nevertheless, it exists on the Western Coast of the island of Ireland. These huge rocks are more than 200 meters high, hanging to the coast of Atlantic Ocean. They are almost the highest rocks in Europe.

cliffs of moher

You may wonder, what interesting can be seen among rocks? Only cliffs and sea, you will say and will be right and wrong at the same time. You are right as, notionally, it is so, and you are not right as you do not take into account feelings of a man standing under cutting blasts of wind “at the ends of the earth” and looking down at the sea wallow spreading far below. Here thoughts about eternal and evanescence of all living arise in your mind. By the way, one of the key scenes of "Harry Potter and the Half - Blood Prince" was shot on the Cliffs of Moher.

I have never been on the very verge of the roof of a skyscraper, but I believe that feelings on these cliffs are much more edgy because of the strong wind, which is usually here. You feel strong and unexplainable desire to come closer look down. And only barriers prevent most of people from doing this.

But not everyone. There are bold spirits, who cannot help tasting the forbidden fruit. I do not know for sure, but I think, that every year some of them are gone with the wind into the sea abyss. And as a reminder to other tourists, there is a stone monument with prayers for those who lost their lives on these cliffs.

cliffs of moher

At the end of my story about this wonderful place, I cannot help mentioning the beautiful beach of the Atlantic Ocean coast, which is at a distance of only several kilometers from Cliffs of Moher. There is a sea life aquarium, a surfing base, where all comers can rent all equipment needed for surfing. How my wife, who dared to swim in the Atlantic Ocean, said, the water, warmed up by Gulf Stream, was quite comfortable for swimming. And high seas were only adding more excitement for all fans of swimming and surfing.

We have already visited the cliffs twice, but unfortunately, and maybe luckily, we could not find time to visit three other interesting places, which are not far from Cliffs of Moher. I mean stalactic caves Doolin and Aillwee, as well as Aran Islands. Our third trip to this marvelous place will be certainly started with visiting the old caves. Catch the Spirit!

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the doolin caves
I had the oppurtunity to visit the caves of doolin and see the amazing stalatite housed there i would recommend it to anyone of their way to the cliffs as well as a trip to the burren and lahinch
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