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Living in Ireland

The Christmas tree in Dublin Lights up!

On the last Friday of November, ‘Black Friday’ begins in Ireland. ‘Black Friday’ – is the day that marks the start of the pre-Christmas sales in Ireland. But then why such a strange name?! The answer is simple. 30-40 years ago, when Ireland wasn’t a very rich country, the main department stores, where you could buy Christmas presents, were only located in Dublin.

And because of the wonderful tradition to give presents on Christmas and because of the fact that at that time, Irish people had a lot of siblings an extremely large amount of Irish residents flocked to Dublin for their Christmas shopping. We can only imagine the queues that could be found in Dublin during these days.

The Lighting of the Christmas in Dublin

Now, when in Ireland, shopping centres are popping up not only in large cities but also in relatively small populated areas, the need to go to Dublin for your Christmas shopping has ended. But the tradition to call the beginning of the Christmas sales ‘Black Friday’ remained. But it seems only fair to mention that Dublin shopping centres still work under stressful conditions, even today.

Possibly, to somehow ease the stress of ‘Black Friday’, on the last Sunday of November, a jolly event takes place in Dublin under the name of ‘The Annual Christmas Tree Lighting’.

Everyone probably already knows that Christmas in Western Europe and America is the most important holiday of the year. In comparison to it, the New Year fireworks are just light entertainment. This is why everything about Christmas, including the Christmas tree is a symbol of magic and merriment.

It’s not surprising that so much people gather in Dublin during this event. Even though regular visitors said that this year the ‘Annual Christmas Tree Lighting’ was humbler then last year we still thoroughly enjoyed it this year. But this was probably because this was our first visit to the event.

Santa Clause and Misses Clause, with whom you could take a picture with in a gigantic plastic snow globe, clowns, snowmen and costumed actors, were all there. And that’s not counting the different stages on which the actors performed.

Now some words on the main event of this celebration, the Christmas tree. Over the last few years, Dublin City decided to not follow the tradition of placing a real Christmas tree in the centre of Dublin City. In its place a more modern Christmas tree was put; made entirely out of large glowing balls that change colour every couple of seconds.

It’s impossible to say if this Christmas tree is better or worse then an ordinary green Christmas tree but the one that you can presently find in Dublin is quite unusual, that’s for sure. Together with the bright and colourful garlands that decorate Dublin City, it gives off a very Christmassy vibe that can be felt all around.

It’s a great thing that in the short days of Winter there is an event like Christmas! Let’s hope that on the day of Christ’s Birthday, just like last year, Ireland will be covered in snow!

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