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Living in Ireland

"Giant's Causeway"

There came the morning of our trip to the “Giant’s Causeway”. The weather was great by Irish standard and we were looking forward to meeting the natural wonder. The road to the place went near the coastline, sometimes coming closer, sometimes moving away from not big but beautiful rocks. The panorama greeting us was pre-eminently fascinating as splendorous rocks and the sea were spreading for many kilometres.

The access way to the Giants Causeway ran through a congestion charge to the parking lot. The centre of the causeway can be reached by a special bus or by walking several kilometres. The tourist route is divided into two parts. One part is “top view” of the giants causeway, the other part is the route along the causeway on the coastline itself. Most tourists prefer to go through both itineraries.

giant causeway

Then what is “The Giant’s Causeway” itself? According to an Irish legend, an Irish giant decided to measure strength with a Scotland giant and for that purpose he wanted to build a causeway to go from the Ireland island to the Scotland island Staff where that giant lived. By the way it is a very interesting legend and we will possibly tell the beautiful legend to you.

All we can see now while visiting the “giant’s causeway” is all that has left from that causeway. It is interesting that on the territory of the Staff Island there is a similar place with similar stony constructions just opposite the Irish “giant’s causeway”. By the way, if you have seen the film "Helloboy2" (2008) then it's interesting to know that some scenes were shot with the Giants Causeway in the background.

giant causeway

The giant causeway itself or the pavement represents an assemblage of about 40 thousand of hexagonal stony columns resembling combs tightly fitting to each other. There are also columns with different number of sides but not so often. The columns are standing upward and have different height, from several centimetres to 12 meters!

giant causeway

Scientists explain appearance of the columns by volcanic processes but for average people including us, it is very hard to believe the fact. The columns have too right forms to be of natural origin. It is equal to stating that Egyptian pyramids are work of nature and not of a man. Anyway the pavement impresses! In photo gallery of our blog you can watch different pictures of the columns and the “giant’s causeway”. Researchers of the “giant’s causeway” point out some specific stony constructions such as amphitheatre, organ, a giant’s boot, pipes and stone field.

However that may be, but it is not in vain that UNESCO took the main wonder of the Northern Ireland under its shelter. On the territory of the island of Ireland there are 3 places, which are included in the list of World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. These are one in the Northern Ireland and two monuments in the Republic of Ireland. There are Skelling Michael in County Kerry and Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth in County Meath.

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