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Casino, Marino Dublin – an Architectural Surprise

Today we would like to tell you about an architectural unique building. It is one of the historical monuments of DublinCasino, Marino. We live very near to this building. But of course a person under appreciates what he has or what is near to him/her.

This turned out to be a fair point even for us. The small size of the Casino, Marino doesn’t really impress. When we finally visited this house we were absolutely amazed by the rooms that seemed invisible because of the Casino, Marino’s size.

Casino, Marino

Looking at our photos, can you guess how many rooms this building holds, three, five or even seven? You can keep guessing but we are almost absolutely sure that you’ll get it wrong because the Casino, Marino harbours 16 rooms.

Casino, Marino

And now we will share a couple of words about the monument Casino, Marino. Firstly it is one of the finest XVIII Century neoclassical buildings in Europe. It was built for the first Earl of Charlemont, James Caulfeild, one of the most enlightened men of his day.

James Caulfeild went to Europe at the age of 18th to learn about Italy and was amazed by its culture and Roman History. So when he went back to Ireland, he decided to make himself an “Italian island” which is how Marino in Dublin formed.

Casino, Marino

We have to note that the area of the estate at that time was larger than its size today. A fire brigade training centre and college territory were all part of it in the XVIII century. All in all, the estate of Caulfield was made not for continuous living, but as a pleasure house. So then on the territory of the estate, a small house was built, which translated from Italian means Casino.

You should pay extra attention to the area where the Casino, Marino is set. It is hard to find a place in the North of Dublin, from where you can see the nearby Wicklow Mountains. But on the territory of the Casino, Marino there are lots of places from which you can get a wonderful view of these mountains. Possibly this was a major factor for James Caulfeild in the making of his creation.

Casino, Marino

It is illegal to take photographs in the Casino, but there is a lot to see there so you should really try to go there and form your own opinion about this historical monument. Of course it’s no Farmleigh Mansion, but the has its own uniqueness that helps us drift back to the XVIII Century.

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