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Living in Ireland

Carrantuohill is the Highest Mountain in Ireland

My friend Andriy visited the highest mountain in Ireland. Here is the story.

The decision was made and our team which consisted from me and three like minded friends decided to climb the highest mountain in Ireland – Mount Carrantuohill. Over the long bank Holiday weekend (22 October 2010) we travelled to Killarney ,and settled the base in local B&B "The Holy Grove”.

Trip from Dublin to Killarney took us about 5 hours drive, but about 1 hour of it was due to the bank holiday rush and traffic. The B&B was comfortable and people friendly, we had a fireplace and nice full Irish breakfast. At those economic times you can also negotiate a bit on prices (which originally were advertised at €35 per person.)

my friend Andriy visited Carrantuohill mountain

We selected I think one of the most beautiful routes to climb the mountain – The Hydro-track. This route included rise to the second highest mountain in Ireland - Caher, which is about 1001 meter above the sea level. Up on reach of Caher the climbing part was nearly done as we reached 1k altitude and was enjoying our mountain walk in the white clouds.

Further path lead us over the mountains chain peak to the Carrantuohill Mountain. I have to say that there are few ways to clime this mountain but I prefer this one due to the long walk on the crest of the mountain chain.

carrantuohill mountain

While walking in the clouds we experienced short occasion of hale and snow, which was a bit unusual for October, however as we were on the move it was enjoying experience.

On the occasions of breaches in clouds blanket the view was amazing, and the one can experience beautiful gift of observing surrounding mountains and valley for about 20km around.

carrantuohill mountain

The Carrantuohill mount was reached by us after about 3 hour journey and we were happy to have a short break at the 1040 meters altitude and return.

On the way back from the Carrantuohill mountain we did have additional fun while jumping over the boggy places and at the end just walking in the springs as our boots were wet anyways.

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Your journey sounds perfect, just wondering how much of an experienced climber you are? I've climbed a fair few mountains but this would definitely be double the height of my current highest...

Also is there a clearly marked path or do you need good navigational skills?

Thanks :-)

to Staceyh


It was my friend that was on the climb. He told my that there was a clearly marked path, so it is an easy climb if you haven't any navigation skills.


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