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An expensive purchase in 40 seconds!

Have you ever bought a car in 40 seconds?! You haven’t? But I have! It happened at the car auction in suburb of Dublin. To be frank, the auction left a lasting impression on me. When I saw lines of automobiles, there were more than 300 cars, I just could not imagine that all those cars would be sold in about three hours. But having got acquainted with the rules of the auction I realized that it is possible theoretically. Because only 40 seconds are given to selling of one car!

merlin car auction

Theory is theory, but how it is possible to get through this term among all the competitors. That’s the question! Though every purchaser can inspect the cars, run engines, look under hood of an “iron horse”. There’s no luxe to have a test-drive. Though buying a car without testing it in different regimes of drive is equal to buying “a pig in a poke”. But people are ready to risk in order to save money and inject some adrenaline into veins.

Trust my words, those 40 seconds of the process of buying “own” car really give much adrenaline. Each participant posts a deposit in amount of 500 euro and is full of determination to fight for the car chosen by him to the last euro in his pocket.

merlin car auction

The leader of the auction, though not a young man, is simply perfect at his job. It seems he has been on this place all his life. It is just incredible how he is able to work so intensively during several hours. All these three hours of the auction are a real show!

Another interesting note about the auction. One of active buyers turned out to be my acquaintance. If I was not mistaken he is the owner or staff of one of open-air pavilions selling cars in a district of Dublin. And if it is so, then my conclusion about possibility to buy a car at a minimum price at the auction in comparison with other places is very close to truth. The advantage of the auction is the fact that all work related to documentation of imported cars is done by the auction managers.

merlin car auction

In general I enjoyed taking part in the auction. Having spare time and being a passionate car enthusiast, I will certainly visit the car auction again for agreeable pastime.

If there are lovers of vintage automobiles among the readers of our blog then we advise you to visit the Dublin Vintage Motor Show.

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