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Living in Ireland

Bike Paradise in Dublin

Before I first came to Dublin, I thought that bikes are widely popular only in developing countries such as India and Vietnam. But having arrived to Ireland I learnt that here, bike is as full mode of transportation as for example automobile or tram.

Apart privilege to ride along bus lane, bike riders have right to use special bike lanes which are placed everywhere in most safe places. As a result, many metropolitans prefer bikes rather than other modes of transportation and use them to get to work or study place. For example, one of my friends gets by bike not less and not more than from the Northern part to the Southern part of the city in all weather.

bike riders in dublin

Having noticed such preference of metropolitans toward bikes, Dublin City Council gave to bike riders a new gift in autumn 2009. That was a network of bike parking lots with 450 bikes for rent which became so popular that the city government decided to expand quantity of bikes, sites for parking lots and open new parking.

I can explain such popularity by the fact that rent of bikes is much more comfortable for those who live in apartments and from now have no need to keep their own bikes. Beside this, the first half an hour is completely for free and taking into account small distance between parking, one can easily get destination by changing a bike every 30 minutes.

dublin bikes for rent

But the summit of the Dublin bike paradise is presence of cycle rickshaws in the streets of the city. Their parking are in the center of the city, the cycle rickshaws can carry two passengers and are completely free. Of course, cabbies do not refuse tips but they will not get offended if you do not put any money into a special pocket inside the cycle rickshaw.

rickshaws in dublin

Finally, we would like to note that use of bikes for sightseeing in Dublin is rather good and economical way, for example Phoenix Park.

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