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Living in Ireland

Ardgillan Castle

Ireland is the country which is known not only for its Guinness beer, but also for its sights. And not least of all it is because of its castles. Ireland take one of the first places worldwide among countries with many castles. In this rather small country there are more than 100 castles.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of castles of Ireland, as for example, Danluss Castle, are half destroyed. Though there are such castles as Dublin Castle and Malahide Castle, which delight our eyes not only with their outer majesty but also with their inward decorations.

ardgillan castle and view on the irish sea

Apart the level of undamaged condition, the Irish castles can be divided according to their purpose. Some of them, as for example Clontarf Castle, were built as fortresses. Others, like now described Ardgillan Castle, were countryside residences for rich people, and while their construction there were used all architectural elements peculiar for castles.

In this post we are going to tell you about one of the castles of the second type, Ardgillan Castle. The Ardgillan Castle is situated on the top of an old mountain, from which a majestic sea view opens. Though it is not enough to say that the view is majestic. It is a fantastic view, and even better than the view from the highest point in Howth!

ardgillan castle demesne

A long time ago, at this place there were great woods, which is witnessed by the name of the estate “Ardgillan”, it is translated from Irish like “high woods”. In the 17th century, the estate was property of a Dublin wine-merchant, and in the 18th century it became property of the Taylors family. In 1738, by Robert Taylor, there was built the central part of the Ardgillan Castle, and in the end of the 18th century there were built the Western and the Eastern wings of the castle.

The Ardgillan Castle was a property of the Taylors up to 1962, when it was bought by a rich German politician, Heinrick Pott. Twenty years later, his heirs sold the Ardgillan Castle and Demesne to the Dublin City Council for less than 300,000 £.

ardgillan castle

At present the Ardgillan Castle is a well-conditioned tourists attraction with preserved interior and a well-cared-for garden, especially a rose garden by type of the botanic garden. On the ground floor of the Ardgillan Castle there is a small café, where you will be offered some sandwiches and drinks. And several years ago they built a wonderful playground for children and picnic area, which allows to wonderfully spend the whole weekends here.

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It castle IMHO is very like Vorontsov's palace in Crimea

No like

It's places are absolutely different


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