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Living in Ireland

National Leprehaun Museum in Dublin

There’s nobody who hasn’t heard about Irish Leprechauns, they are among the main heroes of Celtic mythology. Stories about them are as popular as numerous narrations about ghosts, fairies and other evil spirits which are abundant in traditional Ireland folklore.

Now in brief, for those who happened not to hear about leprechauns. According to legends, leprechauns are small people, who lived in forests, caves or places like "Giants Causeway" in Northern Ireland. Each Leprechaun, being owner of a pot filled with gold, has to keep it out of anyone who could hunt for the gold. Possessing some magic abilities and natural alertness, leprechauns often got in different funny situations when dealing with those hunters and common people.

leprehaun museum in dublin

Trying to spread our knowledge of leprechauns we decided to visit a new “National Leprechauns Museum”.

Despite the name of the museum, you will not see Leprechauns there. The museum took a backwards idea and shows not leprechauns themselves, but their view on the outer world, the world of “big people”. It was especially successful in the room with huge furniture, more accurately; it is in the room, where the idea was a success. Because in other rooms, expositions are trying to present other aspects of life of leprechauns if not count the room where there is a pot with gold.

feel like a leprechaun yourself

The most interesting was the fact, that one of Ireland newspapers, published in Russian, announced that the gold in the pot was real and amounts 250 000 euro. We are not great specialists in gold, but this statement raises certain reasonable doubts.

gold in the pot in the leprechaun museum dublin

If you are not okay with my comments, you can visit it and form your own opinion.

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