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Living in Ireland

Our “Guardian” Package of Services

As we have mentioned, in Ireland, private schools, gladly, take in foreign children who want to study in such a school. For these children, this option appears in the second stage of the Irish educational system, which is secondary school. (To view the educational system in Ireland can read our post "Education in Ireland").

All parents wishing to send their children to study abroad, are concerned, first of all, with the safety and comfort of their children who will be residing in a foreign country. Given that in Irish private schools, children from foreign countries can begin studying her after their eleventh birthday, this is easy to explain. After all, at this age, not everyone has the strength to send their children abroad all by themselves.

Even at the age of 15 - 16, when there is a core set of foreign students going to private schools in Ireland, the ability to send your children to a school by themselves can only be found in the strongest of parents. Those in charge of private schools understand these difficulties and trying to organize training for foreign students in order to reduce the difficulty of entering into their new environment.

One of the aspects of the solution to this problem was the introduction of guardianship in private schools. This approach is completely justified, especially when viewed from the perspective of the parents of foreign students.

After all, someone has to represent the interests of the child during the absence of the parents? This is not mentioning the fact that a person should be in direct contact with teachers and educators in order to address issues that may pop up during the school year. For example, someone has to attend the parent-teacher conferences, help organize free time during the holidays, etc.

Irish private schools, unlike the British, do not require a notoriously large amount of documents in custody of a child. School principals are satisfied with a simple form proving guardianship. This is only in the case that there is a verbal agreement between the parents and the guardian on the responsibilities of both parties. The only condition that the school puts for the guardian is that he has a permanent residence in Ireland.

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Given that we have Irish citizenship, have previously worked as teachers and are working directly in the provision of educational services in Ireland, we have the ability to offer you our guardianship services.

You can compare our 'Guardianship' service to insurance for your child in case of emergencies. In comparison, none of us are surprised by the high prices of insurance for property, possessions and life. We don't tell insurance companies that: "We'll only pay you the money after something bad happens!" Instead we unconditionally pay our money in advance, and are glad, when insurance claims do not come, and we sleep soundly at night, knowing that if such cases occur, and we are insured. Here children are the most valuable thing a man can have!

The cost of our package of guardianship, your insurance, comes to 10 Euros a day for the nine months of the school year, holidays and days when the child is not in Ireland are not counted (this can range from 28 to 58 days).

So you can see we are not ripping you off, we would like to inform you that Irish schools offer the same services ranging in cost from 3,000 to 6,000 Euros per academic year.

Now, let's define what it is we do for the sum of 10 Euros per day. All issues are difficult to foresee, but will focus on the most important ones. First of all, your child, and you can be sure that in case of an emergency, you can contact us 24/7 and expect all possible assistance including a visit to the school to solve the problem on the spot. It may be issues with health, homesickness, problems with classmates, etc.

Still, a very important aspect of our work is helping you and your child prepare for the coming school year. This includes getting the necessary books, buying a uniform and other such arrangements. As you can imagine, all this is can't be done in one go. I'm sure you understand the issues that can arise regarding things like school books and uniforms. You yourself know how much time is spent on preparing a child for school.

Naturally, we will have responsibilities during the school year. The main thing is control over the educational process at school. Given that there is a practice in most private schools of letting parents or guardians communicate with each teacher individually, we will attend parent-teachers meeting in your child's school on your behalf. Also, schools participate in various competitions (as a rule, in universities), sporting events and festivals outside of the school

Irish see

It is also our responsibility to make sure your child receives a re-entry visa and Green Book in Dublin. In recent years, the Irish Embassy in Moscow just gives a visa to those entering the country. To obtain a visa to study in Ireland one needs the permission of the school, and more often than not is required to make a few trips to the immigration office in Dublin. Also, private schools usually organize school trips abroad, and if necessary, we will need to obtain a visa for your child on an individual basis.

We also offer a transportation service for your child to and from the airport. This is all included in the fee. Let's count how many transfers are needed in just one academic year. In one academic year, it is always necessary to leave the school campus during the Christmas and Easter holidays (this results in 4 trips).

Then there are the spring and autumn holidays, in which children also love to visit their parents (that's another 2-4 trips). The possibility of returning to their home country for work experience in 4th Year (2 more trips). If you now add the two trips at the beginning and end of the school year, and multiply them by the money required for each trip (on average 40-60 Euros), the it equates to a cost of 240 – 720 Euros as a direct cost for us. To this the cost of parking at the airport (3.00-4.50 Euros per hour) is added and travel on the toll road to the airport (3.10 Euros fare) for each trip. Schools, by the way, offer a shuttle service, at a minimum of 80 Euro per trip to the airport.

Considering that sending children on night flights can lead to a problematic overnight stay, we will ask parents to buy tickets for your children so that they can do without an overnight stay. Otherwise, we will have to take an additional charge of 50 Euros for spending the night at our home. In a case of a flight delay on the day, we will take your child back to our home. This is one of the things included in the price of our “Guardian” Package of Services.

During their free time, our duties are to ensure a comfortable stay for your children. For example, if the school indulges in the practice of "long weekends", such as in the college of St. Columbus, where once a month, the school closes for 2 - 3 days, or a school is closed for a national holiday (St. Patrick's Day), we will provide your child with residence in our house or the house of an Irish family chosen by us. However, this service will cost parents an additional 100 Euros for 2 days, 150 Euro for 3 days or 220 Euro per week during vacation time (for example, in the autumn) or other events.

During the career orientated 4th year of secondary school (Transition Year) we will arrange a place for your child to stay during their 4 weeks of Work Experience.

Given that the Irish sick bays in schools have no infectious disease ward, when cases of nausea and vomiting occur, the responsibility is placed on the guardian to take the child into their own home and provide him or her with proper care. This is a risk is not only for our children, but also includes the cost of medicine and care. In the case that a child has to be put in a hospital, we will visit them every day and assist them in the recovery process.

In Ireland medicine and visits to the doctor can be very expensive. The money for these purposes is taken directly from us and is included in the care we provide for your child. Naturally, this is only for illnesses that are not chronic in nature and do not require long-term treatment (the maximum is 150 Euros per year).

Now I hope you will understand how adequate the price for our services is.

It is necessary to remember that Ireland is quite an expensive country to live in and the daily wage here (on average) is no less than 100 Euros, while the cost of a pack of cigarettes is 10 Euros (the cost of a day of guardianship for your child). As you know, the situation of education in Ireland may vary; in this case, we reserve the right to change our prices for educational services.

In case, if you have the opportunity to be with your child during his or her study in Ireland, naturally, you can do without our services.

In any case, your decision to get your child an education in Ireland is very wise and we will be happy to help you.

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